Industry 4.0

Job Shop Scheduling in practice, time, resource, material and cost optimization as a multi-objective optimization problem in combination with Shift Work, Knowledge Base created for production, ...

Can we combine all these particles together? Our answer is not 42. Yes, we can!

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Distributed ledger

The distributed ledger database is spread across several nodes (devices) on a peer-to-peer network, where each replicates and saves an identical copy of the ledger and updates itself independently. The primary advantage is the lack of central authority. ...

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Curriculum-Based Course Timetabling
(University Timetabling)

Curriculum-Based Course Timetabling (CB-CTT) is one of the most widely studied course timetabling problems.
Educational timetabling is generally defined as the task of assigning a number of events, such as lectures and examinations, ...

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Real Estate

Real estate appraisal modeling system

Since 2007

Real estate appraisal modeling system for Geodetic Department of the Slovenian Government.

Buildings: 1,300,000
Plots: 5,700,000
Value overall:


Embedded Web Browser in
OpenJUMP GIS Client (Java)
Risk Assesment (Banking)

Automated valuation modeling

Since 2010

Specially developed for handling mortgage loan portfolio (for banks). Comparable sales analysis of like properties. (UniCredit Bank, ABanka)

Accumulated value:


Portfolio indexing

Weather forecasting system

Since 2003

Weather Forecast Production System for Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia.

Average Hits per day 5,500,000
Products per day 75,000


Application server

Since 2002

ACADEMA Application Server, Java EE Server + Model-driven architecture + Formal logic, with more than 200 modules, for Unix(Linux) or Microsoft Windows Platform (GeaBios GIS Public Service is running on that platform)


SODO billing system

Since 2008

SODO is licensed to practice energy activities as an electrical energy distribution system operator. The main role is in assuring the appropriate planning of system development, its construction, management, operation and maintenance.

Income per year € 500,000,000
More than 955,700
users of distribution network.



Since 1999

GeaBios is a free (non-profit) "Slovene Citizen Oriented Information Service", and the name stands for Geo Enabled And Better Internet Oriented Services.



Since 2003

Slovenian archive of the meteorological data for Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia.

Data since 1961

Structural Engineering


1992 - 2002

PCBCAD, nonlinear statical analysis of prestressed concrete bridges, and the name stands for Prestressed Concrete Bridge CAD.
Modul for relaxation of steel, creep and shrinkage of concrete designed for Pircher & partner GmbH, Graz (2001).

NC Machining


1992 - 2002

Flame & plasma NC cutting for shipyards, specially designed for Messer Griesheim and ESAB Hancock gas cutting machines.
Designed for Horn GmbH, Frankfurt (1996).

Flame & plasma cutting of more then 750,000    tons of steel per year.

Intranet GIS


Since 1996

AVIATOR, tools and components to develop complex GIS applications for Intranet, used for communal infrastructure companies in Slovenia: Telekom, Water supply, Electricity supply, Waste collecting.

Smart home

Model predictive controller

Since 2016

Model predictive controller (MPC). A home automation system control of lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances.


Raspberry PI

Smart contracts

The Digital Asset Platform enables multi-party workflows by providing parties with a virtual shared ledger, which encodes the current state of their shared contracts, written in DAML. At a high level, the interactions are visualized as follows ...

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